Life Is A Movie


Susan Porro was born in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1991 I told my mom I was going to the dentist when I’m fact I was auditioning for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Much to my parents chagrin and without financial support, I moved to New York City to attend. I trained as an actor and was invited back every year and became part of their accomplished Company. After twenty years of struggle, and successes (The Sopranos, Law and Order, Theater Row and lots of movies here and overseas), I was diagnosed with pancreatic disease in 2014. After battling near death, my sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She lived, however in her recovery, my father was diagnosed with third stage pancreatic cancer and passed six months later. All of this occurring from 2014-2016 in Massachusetts. I returned back to New York with an accelerated awakening process. Unfolding was all of the illusions we have created, from ourselves, to our bodies, to our structures in our own lives, and the constructs of our entire systems. Once we remove all those, and the judgement of them, we can realize our lives have been self created, co-created for one unique individual purpose. Everything we have experienced-good, bad, indifferent, are the tools we need towards a deliberate creation of our very own. With this knowledge, we dissolve our own sufferings and contribute to our own personal evolution and the evolution of those around us. To see their own authenticity.


To make “Life is A Movie” A film that is entertaining, ironic, and shows the synchronicities of our lives in reflection to the all that’s going on in our current world. Told with lightness and humor this protrays a brief story of a life and how we get caught in our own life story. This film shows how we create our own heaven and hell, and how our best laid plans can mysteriously be completely changed for the unexpected, that is real life basis for our own Life as a movie. The cliffhanger does the movie end? A surprise end always makes everyone come full circle.


We are preparing the budget for preparing the screenplay and then the production of this film. We require a approximately $45,000 to complete the screenplay and treatment for a full production.


Mainstream “audiences” will be entertained, and driven to see it because this story is a perfect reflection of a deep rooted desire we all have to see our life as a movie. Here we complete this fantasy with a few twists of fate that reveal the irony and how tragedy can be redeemed the right way. The deeper message is that if you have faith in your life, in the end you may be able to create a happy ending despite all the obstacles.

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