Ministry of Mysteries

The Ministry of Mysteries has been established to offer people spiritual guidance and services that transcend the limitations of the major religions.  If you are a seeker, curious about life and spirituality, you can discover a much deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of life, spirituality and concepts of God.   The fundamental question of all religions is where did we come from, most religions are rooted in the concepts of an “Earthly God” that is somewhat limited being earth centric.  With the advances of science we have discovered just how big the universe is which proposes that there can be a “Cosmic God” which changes everything.  Metaphysics has been the study of the origin of our universe, this ministry examines the ultimate mysteries that we observe and yet do not fully understand.  The first mystery is how did the universe come into existence, the second mystery is from where did life emerge, and the third mystery is how did consciousness evolve.  The answers to these questions provide the basis of this group’s philosophy.  If you are interested in a deeper connection and understanding of spirituality, please come join us in exploring these and other mysteries. 

We are no longer limited by our experience on earth to define our reality, science has opened the horizons to behold the universe and all of its mysteries and grandeur.  Come listen and explore the potentials we all can embrace.   We meet monthly at a designated place to explore our experience of life and this world.  Please contact Dr. Ryder for details of the next event.  thank you. 

Dr. Ryder has offices at 109 East 36 St. by Park Ave. in Manhattan and a Center in the Hudson Valley one hour north of NYC. 

John Ryder, Ph.D., Msc.D. is a minister and counselor serving the needs of people seeking a better and deeper understanding of our spiritual nature.   He began studying metaphysics and meditation at 16 and has continued to dig deeper into the mysteries of our universe ever since.  He has written books and given workshops and seminars about our spirituality and what you can discover about yourself.  He holds a doctorate in Psychology and in Metaphysical Sciences.  With forty years of experience you can be confident that he can offer you the tools and advice that will help you cope more effectively with the challenges of life and achieve more of your potentials.

Dr. Ryder can offer a variety of services including matrimonial, exploration of the soul and learning about the mysteries that we live among.  He can help those who are facing the last days of life, and give support to those grieving following the departure of loved ones.  He offers the possibility to explore previous lifetimes through regressions that can lead to insights and transformation.   He has a deep understanding of life and offers psychological prescriptions to make life easier and more fulfilling.

If you are interested in getting married, Dr. Ryder can help you achieve your goals in affordable style and grace.  Check out what we offer at our center.  

Our center is available for events, marriages, elopements, and workshops.  See our Gallery under ABOUT for more images.  









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