The Gauntlet


Dr. Ryder is a psychologist and achievement coach with over 35 years of experience helping people achieve personal goals. He has designed a challenging Gauntlet that requires each individual to test their physical and mental skills. As an extreme sport enthusiast, magician, martial arts student and scientist, he utilized all his experience to develop this Gauntlet as the ultimate challenge for people who like to test themselves.


We intend to build a Gauntlet that challenges people in many ways to build confidence, stamina, resilience and problem solving skills. The Gauntlet poses a variety of obstacles and problems to solve which test each individuals mental and physical abilities to solve problems, perform difficult feats of strength, agility and stamina. With over 20 obstacles the course is challenging and inspiring because through out the course every person discovers how to break through limitations and achieve more. The purpose of the Gauntlet is to build confidence, resilience and problem solving skills. So that everyone feels accomplished at the end.
In comparison to similar courses (Tough Mudder, Iron Man, etc.) this one relies more on thinking than only strength. The challenges require each person to develop their skills more than just utilize what they have. It is a rewarding, fun experience that helps participants feel peak performance and smart at the same time.
We intend to construct 3 levels, one for children 8 years till 14 and another for 13 to 18 years old and one for adults 18 and older. Some parts are run individually, other parts require a team effort. This is designed to build both individual independence and cooperative effort.


We need approximately $19,500 per age group or about $58,500 to build this course. The Gauntlet will be designed through the property. The obstacles must be constructed to be strong, safe and very challenging. There are large obstacles are made of wood, metal, ropes, tires etc. mostly outdoors and small obstacles puzzles that must be solved to continue on the course. An electronic system will be used to monitor participants speed and time to go through the course. We need contributions to develop the property and construct the Gauntlets. Please support the mission.


Anyone who even attempts this Gauntlet will demonstrate their own passion for excellence and prove to themselves that they have the motivation, determination, skills and abilities to even attempt a very challenging group of tasks. Those who can perform exceptionally well, get a further boost of personal confidence and exhilaration that they beat the odds. People can repeat the course until they feel a true sense of accomplishment. This challenge offers everyone the opportunity to test, develop, and utilize their strengths and abilities that certainly increases the positive perspective both internally and externally. Once it is completed, we expect the Gauntlet to generate income by charging people a small fee to run the course. Those who beat a time challenge successfully would be able to win a prize or even a financial reward besides the pride of achievement.

GAUNTLET in the Movie First Knight with Gere – Well at least something like that!







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