The University of Pennsylvania has defined Positive Psychology as: "The scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play."

Dr. Ryder is the Founder and President of the PSC. He is a thought leader in positive psychology and explains his perspective as the search for what gives us  VALUE in life.   Happiness usually lasts only a fleeting moment.  In contrast, when you discover how to feel valuable to yourself and/or others, you are able to maintain a positive flow of energy throughout your life and be empowered to contribute to your community.  This creates a cycle of desirable events between yourself and others promoting greater well being and progress.

This website is dedicated to become a major resource for the public of the practical skills, techniques and theories that help people apply the science of positive psychology to improving their life and the community around them.  So, do join us!

Below are our initial programs and events: Besides the growing online resources we will sponsor workshops, lectures, competitions, educational summits, etc.

The following is a list of programs that we are planning to sponsor in the near future.

These are PSC Programs that we will be Sponsoring

SUCCESS PROGRAM:  Achieve Your Goals this Year

This is a series of special programs to accelerate your progress to achieve your goals in 2019.  This begins with a Webinar by Dr. Ryder recorded Jan 6th 2019 to help you focus your ideas and create a strategic master plan to reach 100% success with your goals through this year.

For information about this program just email Dr. Ryder to gain access to this material.

Dr. Ryder will deliver a fast paced workshop utilizing all of the best positive science strategies that are proven effective to help you achieve more goals faster. Don't get caught in "Wishful Thinking" that is just a way to sabotage your future. To succeed, you must develop a Strategic Master Plan. This workshop series will give you the exact tools you need to create your own personal plan, fine tune it, and get the most out of your life.


COURSE  DETAILS: 100% Success

Click below to reserve your place, room is limited!  When you register, you will also become a member of the Founding Circle of Friends with discounts to other programs and special invitations to events sponsored by the PSC.  If you are ambitious, have ideas that need to be actualized, and want to accomplish more in 2019 then TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE register for this workshop. The tools and skills you develop will serve you throughout your life. 

Click here it is ONLY  $39 

You have begun the process!


This event will offer you the tools and instructions you need to get more done successfully.
You can join or watch the webinar from any online portal to participate or just watch.   This will keep you focused on progress and 100 % success.

When you sign up you will receive an email with the details and forms to get you started on 100% Success...  Click on the LINK below to register and reserve your place.  It is only $39!  No Excuses!

You will be glad you did this and I guarantee you will accelerate your progress and reach more goals utilizing the tools presented to you through this program. 


Previous Associate  Program 2019


Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences Associated

is Sponsoring a Lecture by Dr. John Ryder


Politics Today: Spin the Psychology of Propaganda and How Politicians Twist Public Opinion.

Psychological Warfare and the Connection between our Sensitivities and Fanaticism

How Politicians and Mass Media Manipulate Society at Large and What Steps Can We Take to Defend Ourselves.

Jan. 24th 2019  6:30pm  208 E 30 Street NYC





Series of Lectures on how to use Positive Psychology to help parents with difficult children or adolescents.  Your children are your greatest investment and can be a fantastic source of reward or be a terrible burden.  This program is first for the parents of youngsters with a complicated life.  We will go over a variety of issues that are common to the troubles parents have with their children.  Learn how positive psychology can be utilized to help parents become more effective with their children.  There are many good strategies that can give parents the leverage to persuade their children to act more appropriately, study more effectively and become more mature and responsible.  The second part of this program will also offer the young people an opportunity to discuss their options and determine how to approach their parents and teachers with better results.

Positive Psychology Impact on Young People 

THE SCHEDULE for the NEXT LECTURE IS PLANNED for October.  Go to the CONTACT PAGE and send us a note that you wish to attend and we will reserve space for you. 

A question and answer period will offer anyone an opportunity to ask Dr. Ryder specific questions.

To reserve your seat please respond by clicking on Contact above request however many seats you would like, we will send you an invitation with the details. Thank You. 

The Imaginarium

The Imaginarium

This is a computerized virtual reality system that covers every surface of the room.  This allows the room to transform into any visual image, so when you walk into this cube you can be anywhere.  We intend to produce immersive experiences that transport the individual into another world to create a tremendous impact.  This is an entirely different level of virtual reality, both fun and amazing. The purpose is to explore what imagery will create the most positive and lasting health benefits for the observer. 


Refocus on Optimism - How to Keep the Glass Full?

This is a special program to reveal the best ways to keep your world optimistic and positive.  It will also define the differences between an attitude and a life style.  Learn what is most important beyond a good attitude to reach your goals and enjoy greater progress.  

 More details will be provided soon. 

Manifesting Miracles

This is the process by which extremely unlikely events are truly realized although we often refer to them as miracles, in reality we can make them happen more often if we know how to set our mind to achieve these goals.

The key to manifesting miracles is to have a very clear idea of what you want to achieve, then develop a detailed specific strategic plan, and then get mobilized.  Every miracle begins in your mind.  First it is a thought, then it becomes a plan and then if everything else aligns it can become a reality.  This workshop is how to create and accomplish those special goals in your life.


 More details will be provided soon. 


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