The VALUE Driven Life

What is the purpose of LIFE?  Positive psychology is not only about enjoying life more, although good feelings are certainly a major component of the “Good Life”.  Rather the main key, in my opinion, is to discover how to GAIN VALUE in your own experience of life.  We can gain that sense of value in countless ways totally depending on a huge variety of conditions.  When we do increase our personal sense of value – it is ultimately rewarding, energizing, fulfilling and keeps us healthier especially in times of stress.

So, how do we gain value?  Seek things that are universally positive in terms of our society or culture.  For example, helping an elderly person in some task, gives you a better feeling that lasts longer than doing something that feels good for yourself.  It could be helping your kids with their homework, or cooking a delicious meal for your family, or working in a soup kitchen for the homeless.  If it makes you feel more valuable, then you are on the positive path.  Even the psychological research shows that these kinds of experiences create a significant, long term benefit to the individual.

May I propose that the purpose of life is to create VALUE for yourself and others?  If this activity became a central drive of your life think how big of an impact it would have everyday in your world and the in your community.  The key here is to start thinking What can I do to feel Valuable?  This is not a complex question, and has many potential answers.  The very act of asking this question propels you in the Positive Direction.  That is good for you and good for all those around you.  That I believe makes it a Win-Win formula and will have endless benefits for all.


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