Dr. Ryder is the founder and leader of the PSC. As a positive psychologist he has helped guide many families with troubled relationships and offered insight and advice on how to improve the communication between all the parties. He demonstrates that as people better understand the dynamics of the different relationships, it becomes much easier to change the behavior and improve relations. The key goal is to teach everyone to push one another in a positive direction.


A series of Lectures on how to use Positive Psychology to help parents with difficult children or adolescents. Your children are your greatest investment and can be a fantastic source of reward or be a terrible burden. This program is first for the parents of youngsters with a complicated life. We will go over a variety of issues that are common to the troubles parents have with their children. Learn how positive psychology can be utilized to help parents become more effective with their children. There are many good strategies that can give parents the leverage to persuade their children to act more appropriately, study more effectively and become more mature and responsible. The second part of this program will also offer the young people an opportunity to discuss their options and determine how to approach their parents and teachers with better results.


The budget is $650 per lecture. We are requesting $1950 for a series of 3 lectures.
This will include the cost of renting the space and advertising to promote this event to the public. We can also accept space and advertising as donations.


Positive Psychology always offers valuable information to help people manage stress more effectively and achieve goals. The tools that it teaches equips people to see easy to utilize alternatives that improve relationships. When we help others identify better ways to relate, it becomes easy to rely on those techniques. These lectures will offer practical, simple to follow advice to facilitate dramatic, observable changes in the behavioral relationships of parents and their children. The stress in relationships is just a natural part of family growth. The tools Dr. Ryder provides will help parents have a bigger and better impact on their children. A question and answer period will offer anyone an opportunity to ask Dr. Ryder specific questions.

This will give the audience the tools required to help difficult young people adapt and relate more effectively.

To reserve your seat please respond by clicking on Contact above request however many seats you would like, we will send you an invitation with the details. Thank You.

Family Dynamics
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