BOUNCE BACK – Positive Ways to Rebalance

The past few years have been exceedingly difficult for most people.  The Pandemic robbed everyone of something and we are still trying to find balance in this post-covid world.  The idea is that we all need to BOUNCE BACK, find ways to laugh more, enjoy life more, feel more positive about the future and increase our sense of well-being.  Positive psychology is focused on helping people identify ways to increase their strengths and adapt more effectively to the challenges around us.  This proposal is to raise funds to establish programs that could be implemented in the local schools to utilize the young people to bring these valuable skills home to help families cope better and achieve more.

We are seeking donations that will enable us to  begin to design such a program in a local high school which could  be scaled up to a national level.  The  initial budget for this program would be $25,000 to develop the criteria, implement the skills to a group of teachers and conduct several measures that will enable us to objectively determine how well this program can help people bounce back to a better level of life.

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