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We are happy to offer you this resource as a place to find ideas, information, suggestions, and potential positive solutions to the challenging world we live in.  The internet has no shortage of opinion on what one should do however, this should be a trusted source of information that is meant to serve you and the greater good together.  The idea is that positive, healthy and smart information is good for everyone.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

1 thought on “Welcome to Positive Science Blog

  1. John Ryder - November 11, 2017

    The POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE reflects a desire to harness opportunities to grow, develop, and achieve goals. The key is not just an optimistic attitude but more importantly to have a realistic strategy to utilize available resources to accomplish more. The word I use to describe this is PRAGMATIC, that means that you consider what specific ideas can help you push through obstacles and reach your goals. This requires that you analyze your options and select the best available in the present.

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