I define a miracle as any event that no one expected because of its naturally low probability of happening. Well, finding this place and being able to purchase it certainly qualifies as a small miracle. Now, for the next much bigger miracle, raising the money to make this project happen. While there are many worthwhile programs, this one promises to offer much more ‘bang for the buck’ because we intend to support a very wide variety of activities and it is so easy to access from NYC and the surrounding area. The founders remain very optimistic that we will raise all the resources needed to build our center and organize all the projects we have planned. Miracles do happen, especially when people develop a very clear, precise, practical plan to succeed. The calling has been made. Now its the time to collect the positive energy flowing around us and direct the most we can towards the success of this project.

Well, a year of progress – we have obtained all the required permits to begin construction of our Log Cabin, we also secured a $400K mortgage to help pay for building our center.  The next miracle is to raise the additional funds to complete this project and start operating our center.  Thanks!

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