Dr. Ryder will personally run these interactive classes on the practical ways to maximize and utilize positive energy in your personal, social and professional life. He is the founder of the PSC and has over 35 years of experience leading workshops on positive psychology. He is known as a dynamic engaging speaker.


This program intends to develop a school of positive psychology teaching people how to harness their own positive energy and utilize it more effectively to overcome obstacles and achieve their personal goals. This will be a series of classes, workshops and educational programs to explain the specific ways that you can easily identify your strength, and learn to apply them more practically to enhance your power to deal with challenges better and cope with problems more easily. Discover new ways to harness the positive energy you already have to make your life better.


This project includes developing the curriculum, class structure, educational materials, and will include the operating budget of approximately $55,000. Part of this expense will be applied to developing the online educational platform with videos and interactive learning aids.


This program will give each participant practical tools to be more aware of their positive attributes, strengths and capabilities. The classes, lectures and exercises will prepare people to develop their potentials and manage stress more effectively. This school program will be able to serve the needs of 100 - 300 individuals a year at the center and countless others through the online resources. All together we expect this to have a growing positive impact on all participants.

Dr. Ryder

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