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Dr. Ryder is the founder and President of PSC Inc. Together with a group of dedicated visionaries we have established this corporation to create a greater positive impact on our world, both locally and globally. Dr. Ryder is a psychologist with over 35 years of experience and has been a major advocate of positive psychology. He is written and lectured about the subject around the USA and internationally. Now he has focused on building a center for everyone to be able to enjoy learning about the useful tools that psychology can offer to make life easier, more rewarding and valuable.


The PSC has been established to increase the positive impact of positive psychology through a variety of educational, social, and online activities. This website will become our main portal to offer valuable information to make life easier. The PSC is also developing our 5 acre park into a retreat for people to visit, rest, explore, enjoy and recharge. We have already completed the construction of a large Log Cabin on the property facing a lake with a westerly view. This will serve as our main center where people can come learn about positive psychology and immerse themselves in a variety of experiences that will be fun and rewarding. This website explains many of the various events and activities that the center will offer. Please be aware that the center is constantly growing and expanding with new ideas and opportunities for people to explore.


As a non-profit corporation, the PSC is currently running a Capital Fund Drive to raise the resources to pay for the construction and development of the land we own. As a public trust, any support we receive will serve the greater good way into the future. We currently intend to raise the first million dollars to fully develop the land and sponsor the various programs and activities of our group. The estimated cost of the completed infrastructure is about $550K so, any money we raise will be utilized to facilitate the development of this major project. As we raise more money, we intend to sponsor more activities and projects that will ultimately promote positive psychology. You can find the various programs described on this website as examples of what we are planning to do. All donations are tax-deductible according to the law (please consult your accountant). We are very happy to obtain your support in any amount or any form. We appreciate everyone's help even if it is just your moral support - thanks! NOTE: we have already successfully raised over $185,000 since we began our Fund Drive in 2016. Wow - that's great! We must collect another $65,000 before the end of the year.


We have successfully established the center and we have begun to organize a large variety of events that will be enjoyable, rewarding, educational, and in some way promoting the general concepts of positive psychology. The main focus will be to help individuals identify their own strengths, virtues, skills, talents, abilities, etc, and to help people use those positive attributes to increase well-being, personal growth, physical health, prosperity and promote the most positive impact we can on our community. We predict that the center and this website will continue growing in size and activity over the next few decades offering more value to participants and the general public. Please join this effort and promote more positive energy!

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