Oso is an Indian Shaman with a lifetime of experience conducting ceremonies based on native cultural traditions. He has led individual and group events for many decades to help people renew their spirit and recharge their body. Dr. Ryder has also explored a vast number of ceremonies that were designed to bring greater health to the mind, body and spirit. He has participated in a number of traditional Native American Indian Sweat Lodge ceremonies and wants to offer this experience to those interested.


We have built a sweat lodge based on the authentic Native American Indian tradition. The igloo like tent is built of sticks bent into a dome like shape and tied together. The ground is prepared with a pit in the middle where people sit around. The the dome is covered with tarps, blankets, plastic, to create a well insulated cover; the doorway is usually covered with blankets or tarps that easily lift out of the way. We want to offer people the opportunity to enjoy the ceremony and health benefits of the sweat lodge. This is accomplished by placing red hot stones in the pit and sprinkling water on the stones which create a steam sauna inside. Native traditions include a variety of spiritual practices that are intended to help cleanse and purify the participants. The steam does a pretty good job of cleansing and it is a very interesting experience.


The Budget is approximately $750 dollars for materials and construction. The final result depends on considerable expertise in design and execution. The ceremonies can be done by anyone but also we could recruit real Native American Indians to maintain a high degree of authenticity.


This will enable people to experience the true nature of a traditional Native American ceremony. There is no doubt that the super hot steam has a very healthy benefits and offers cleansing to the body internally and externally. The ceremonies also offer the philosophical reflections about the universe, life, and the more intimate experiences inside the tent. In general, this is a very good way for a group of people to share an experience of positive energy.

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