Megan G. Sweeten: I have been leading companies for over 15+ years. I have been very successful materially, yet it was not until I reconnected with my Soul and facilitating sacred circles for women, girls, and families that I truly became successful inside out. I would love to share my experiences and work with the PSC.


To host monthly circles and the theme would be based on the month’s Moon (i.e. this month’s circle was The Hunter’s Moon, last month was the Harvest Moon, etc). Reconnecting to the cyclical nature of the moon has been very powerful for me. It would require an open space. I can tailor the ritual to be for women only or family rituals suitable for all ages and including males/females.


Most circles require the following: the approximate cost is $800 per event. o Space to meet (size tbd – currently my circles are approximately 20 guests) o Pillows or cushions to sit on, along with a few chairs if anyone is uncomfortable to sit on the floor o Music access (I can play on my small speaker if needed) o 2 Tables for refreshments/light snacks and an welcome materials o Bathroom access o Writing materials (pen/pencil + paper)


I have found in my work with Sweeten Soul (sweetensoul.com) that the world is craving community and deeper conversations. That we want a break from our devices and work to have IRL (in real life) meet ups. My circles are non-denominational and open to all. The exercises that we practice together are usable as tools afterwards. I want to be a demonstration of our true nature that comes from spending some time with your Soul. The intention is to have a positive impact on the participants and all the people they later encounter with their increased positive energy.

Sweeten Soul Circle

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