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Janusz Gilewicz instructor and creator of this program has being painting professionally over four decades . He has extensively studied Renaissance techniques especially Leonardo da vinci sfumato and chiaro-scuro methods as well has been influenced by oriental art. He taught art in school in Poland and continues have private students and apprentices in New York. He has exhibited his art in respected galeries around the world and his art is in the private collections of many celebrities and art collectors.


The Goal of this workshop is to show in easy steps a process of rediscovering within yourself the ability to paint or draw or sculpt . The essence of art is to feel something that you can express artistically, and the essence of this workshop is to get you in touch with your feeling via artistic expression and developing your skills to make art. Workshop will be conducted in Institute and it takes three days /steps to achieve desired goals. Students will be provided with materials and art supplies . Each session will end with the discussion and comments from the instructor. By the end of the workshop each participants art will be selected and put on display with an unveiling party .


Cost of the workshop will be $450 per person, limited to 10 people per workshop. The approximate cost for each event including basic supplies will be $4500 which does not include food or lodging which would be $400 per person. We therefore request a budget of $8500 for each workshop sponsored. For more information please contact Janusz Gilewicz at 646 724.3539


Quite often we catch ourselves with desire to get dirty, put our hands into something, or do something which requires a physical action. Our preoccupation with technology constantly eliminate time to become a creative and puts us in position of being passive recipient of someone else's creativity . This workshop is designed to reverse that situation and get you in touch with real self via simple instructed exercises allowing participants to be more spontaneous and discover how to escape the constraints or inhibitions and enable you to tap into your ability to draw or paint. This special process across the 3 day workshop will empower the creative expression and offer each participant to connect to his or her artistic nature. Workshop is conducted in Institute and it takes four days /steps to achieve desired goals.

Sophia  by  Gilewicz

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